E-journal May 8, 2007

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued

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by Ellyn Davis

I recently reviewed the book The Price of Motherhood by Ann Crittenden, a former New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize nominee. The book is essentially the culmination of her five years of research into the high cost of being a mother in today’s society.

The statistics she comes up with are pretty depressing, so I won’t share but a few of them here. But the bottom line is that there is a hidden “mommy tax” and mothers who choose to stay at home and raise their kids are hit hardest of all.

This means us—home schooling Moms.

How much do we tend to lose in unearned pay by choosing to be stay-at-home Moms? Anywhere from $700,000 to a million dollars!

But that’s only part of the hidden financial cost of being a full-time Mom. There are others.

Take old age, for example. If you’ve been home schooling your children for years like I have, when you check an estimate of your future Social Security you’ll find a whole lot of zeros for the years you spend caring for your children.

My Social Security print-out shows year after year of zeros, even though I ran several profitable home businesses during that time. Why? Because I didn’t show any income. Family income showed up only in my husband’s name.

A nanny gets Social Security credits, but mothers don’t, even though the workers they produce pay for everyone’s Social Security. This costs women in their sixties and beyond hundreds of dollars a month in individual pensions.

Another cost is economic disparity. The great majority of married mothers become economically dependent on their husbands but family law does not grant them financial equality in marriage, or recognize marriage as an equal economic partnership. So-called family income in fact belongs solely to "he who earns it." This means that most mothers who divorce suffer a dramatic drop in income and standard of living, far greater than the loss suffered by most fathers. Even property is not divided equally in most states, if there is significant property to divide.

Those who do unpaid work at home are officially "not in the labor force." Unless a mother is employed full-time she is not eligible for unemployment insurance or disability insurance; ie: workman's compensation.

And it’s even worse if you try to re-enter the work force after your children are grown. When you've been home raising children, you are looked at (by employers) as if your brain has been on ice, so you take a huge hit in the kind of wages you can command.

Then there’s the prevailing negative attitude about motherhood.

There's a lack of respect or regard for mothers' work as highly skilled, incredibly valuable labor. At the heart of it is a failure to understand that this is really the central work of the modern economy, which is based on highly skilled, creative, entrepreneurial people.

But here’s the good news

A mother literally has the most important job in the world.

Economists used to consider land, labor, and capital to be the three main contributors to economic wealth. Now they are saying that two-thirds of national wealth is actually created by "human capital," which are the skills, abilities, and creative entrepreneurship of people.

If the child development research is true, then human development begins on day one. And the most important person forming these skills and capabilities is the person raising the children, most often the mother. This means that mothers and other primary caregivers of children are society's greatest wealth producers because the development of future “human capital” is in their hands. This means that moms are “the major wealth producers of our economy.”

So, this Mother’s Day if you begin wondering whether your decision to stay home and nurture your children has had any effect at all on the world, realize that you literally have “the most important job in the world” and you are responsible for producing the future wealth of the world's economy.

How's that for a job description?


(Facts found on Ann Crittenden's website)

The "mommy tax" is the highest tax on families. A couple with a total income of $81,500, and two equally capable partners, could lose as much as $1,350,000 in lifetime income if they have a child.

The wage gap between mothers and childless women under age 35 is now greater than that between young men and women. Currently, 30-year-old American women without children earn 90% of men’s wages, while mothers of the same age and education are making only 70%.

Nannies qualify for Social Security benefits, but mothers at home do not. Unpaid caregivers are not covered by the same social safety net that covers other workers.

Most mothers are "dependents" in marriage, not economic equals. They have no unequivocal right to half the family assets, and are not considered joint recipients of the family’s income during or after marriage.

Mothers’ lack of financial equality in marriage deprives children; fathers are statistically less likely to spend their money on childrens’ health and education.

Only 8 states have laws prohibiting discrimination against parents in the workplace.

The U. S. is one of only 5 countries in the world that do not require paid maternity leave. The others are Australia, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Papua New Guinea.

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