We were so impressed with the Writing in Narrative (WIN) creative writing series by Dr. Les Simonson that we wanted to publish them. They are clearly written and simple enough so that even the most reluctant writer is not frustrated. They take a “whole concept” approach, giving an overview of the writing process before breaking it down into easily understood assignments to develop each part. Each book teaches a particular type of writing by examining a sample composition, showing how each part was developed, and then having the student write a composition of his/her own by following the same process. Students may either write in the books or photocopy the assignment pages.

We are discontinuing the WIN program and only have a limited number of books, so we are selling all our stock at a 30% discount.


Writing Man Series by Danaye Austad
A WIN series complementary set of two books for beginning writers that teach what is found in the WIN book The Seven Sentence Story, except in a comic book format . The first half of each book is written in comic book form explaining how to write a story by covering the four main story parts through an illustrated story about Writing Man and his adventures with Eraso. The second half of the book has pages divided into the four main story parts so children can write their own on the bottom half and illustrate it on the blank top half. A clever way to encourage young writers. Order here>>

WIN Twin
This is a simplified English handbook for student writers which provides a quick reference to rules for proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling as well as to common grammar terms and the prefixes/suffixes that students often misuse. Rather than including all the rules, it only covers those that students are most likely to need to know or most likely to misuse. Its concise, easy-to-use style also makes it an invaluable reference for parents correcting student assignments. Can be used with any writing program but is a great accompaniment to books in the WIN program. Order here>>

The Reluctant Writer Handbook for Grades 3-8
Reluctant writers are children who either don’t like to write or who have difficulty expressing themselves in writing. Often boys are reluctant writers because they develop the fine motor skills required for handwriting and the abilities to be still and concentrate later than girls do. This is where this book comes in. It teaches children effective ways to organize thoughts and put them down on paper. This book has Model Stories that familiarize the young writer with the framework of writing a story, then it holds the writer’s hand step-by-step from story idea to the final draft. Order here>>

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