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Voice your opinion !

Don't want to write an article? Then please at least share what home schooling means to you.

I home schooled my three boys for their whole schooling experience, so I know what home schooling means to me.

But I wasn't sure what home schooling means to all the other parents who are educating their children at home.

Then I remembered a great book I read recently called, The Wisdom of Crowds, by James Surowiecki..

He makes a strong case that when you ask a crowd of people to answer a specific question... the answer they come up with is often better than what even the smartest person in the group could come up with on their own.

Call it the collective wisdom of people.

And that's when I got a crazy idea. What if I surveyed as many home schoolers as I could to find out what home schooling means to them.

If enough people participate, we should get the answer.

I'd really like you to be a part of this survey, so please go RIGHT NOW and tell me what home schooling means to you!


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