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The articles that appear in this book have been written over the course of many years. They represent a journey several of us “old timers” have taken since the early 1980’s as we have attempted to raise our own children and reassume the responsibility for every aspect of their lives.

The articles have appeared in our Elijah Company catalog or have been sent to the over 20,000 families who subscribe to our electronic newsletter.

For a long time people have asked us to put these articles in one place so they would be easier to find, easier to read and easier to make available to friends. So, finally, we did it.

This book represents the best of 15 years of Elijah Company articles. Although we made an attempt to arrange the articles in some logical order, feel free to junp in anywhere—or ignore some altogether. Our hope is that what you read will offer real practical help. To order: GO HERE>>


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Homeschooling. Home-schooling. Home schooling. You will find all three representations of this word or phrase in the following articles. But, only because society has decided that it represents those who “don’t go off to school somewhere”.

The word (or phrase), itself, should never have been coined.

All we ever wanted to do was take back our God-given responsibility for the upbringing of the children God had given us. We wanted our kids around during the day. When all was said and done—when they had “left the nest”—we simply wanted to have had a relationship with them. If you looked for the kids, you’d find them at home; or, a place we had taken them.

We didn’t want to “school” them. But, there was that law. “Compulsory Attendance” it’s called. It’s been around 150 years. Children have to go to school. That’s what children do. They don’t roam, discover, work, discuss, do real things. They go to school.

So, if we were going to keep them home during the day—and obey the Law—we had to “school” them during the day. Of course, we roamed, discovered, worked, discussed and did real things. We just didn’t tell anyone. We said the kids were “in school”. Now these kids are growing up and are wowing college professors, starting businesses and becoming leaders—while still teenagers.

But we say we are home schooling (or, homeschooling; or, home-schooling). It makes the authorities happy. That gives us the freedom to roam, discover, work, discuss and do real things.

Chris & Ellyn Davis


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