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At Home School Marketplace we are not just about home schooling. We also want to encourage and support you in developing home centered income.

One of the ways we want to do this is by providing you with the opportunity for involvement in businesses that we and other home schooling families develop.

So for years we have thought about creating a home business incubator that home schooling families can participate in.

What is a Business Incubator?

What is a business incubator? There are many different types. But basically, a business incubator is a collection of resources designed to help businesses become established and sustainable.

Typically, a business incubator does this by providing:

• business advice
• business services
• access to investor, market and international networks
• mentoring
• management help

U.S. statistics show that business incubators increase the survival rate of start-ups from 35 percent to 87 percent. This is very, very good news, considering 90% of small businesses fail within their first five years.

So we are very intrigued with the business incubator model for building successful businesses.

But we want to provide a little different twist to the business incubator model.

We want to create businesses that allow home schooling families to participate in their development. In return, everyone who participates will share in the future profits.

Our Business Incubator Model

Let me assure you that we are not talking about multi-level marketing and we’re not trying to recruit you into becoming some sort of sales force for an existing business.

We are talking about you helping build a traditional business from the ground up. Not only do we have several really good business ideas that we’d like to build a team around, but there are many of you who have some great business ideas who could really use a business incubator.

We already have several businesses in mind that we would like to recruit a team of co-developers for. We’ve done the research and groundwork for the formation of these businesses and are convinced they will become profitable.

What we need now is people who are interested in becoming part of the team that helps build and manage these businesses.

What are the criteria for being a part of these developing businesses?

First, you have to be self-motivated with a good work ethic. Second, you must be willing to be part of a team and do your part. Third, you must have a skill that directly contributes to the growth of these businesses. Fourth, you must be comfortable doing much of your work communication through e-mail.

All ages are welcome—gifted teens as well as adults. At this point we are just trying to get a show of hands of people who might be interested in becoming co-developers of businesses with us.

If this opportunity intrigues you, please sign up below. We’ll send you further information about the businesses we have in mind and the types of skills each business will need.

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