E-journal December 18, 2007

How to Survive the Relatives, part 3
A Primer in Twelve Lessons

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by Ellyn Davis

This is the last installment in a three part series on “How to Survive the Relatives,” Previous lessons have been: (1) Don’t shoot the Messenger; (2) Get the Message; (3) Leave the policing to the cops and the judging to the courts; (4) Being Peter Pan is no fun without pixie dust; (5) Your little light may indeed be shining; and (6) Nobody thinks your children or pets are as cute as you do.

If you are like me, God will probably give you plenty of opportunities to practice these lessons during the holiday season.

Now for the last six lessons in your primer on “How to Survive the Relatives.”

Lesson 7: Make it easy to stay PG in an R world.

If, in the past, relatives have wanted to play games, show videos, or engage in activities that you do not want your children to be a part of, be sure to pack wholesome or activities so you can present creative alternatives to what other relatives may suggest. Let your children understand beforehand that they may not be allowed to participate in some of the family activities.

Some activities we’ve found that everyone from 9 years old and up seems to enjoy are Rummikub,, charades and flashlight tag at night. But also be prepared to be a good sport if the rest of the family decides it wants to go ahead with an activity you are not particularly pleased about. You don’t have the right to decide how things should be done in anyone’s home but your own.

Trust God to keep your children from harm. God is better able to keep our children pure than we are. At family gatherings children will often see, hear, or take part in things you do not allow at home. Of course you will try to monitor your children's interactions with others and gently redirect conversations and activities, but a certain amount of worldliness may be unavoidable.

If you really want to know and love your relatives, you must take them as they are. Relax. Your children won’t be permanently damaged by a “taste” of the world, and it allows them to learn to treat other people like human beings, warts and all.

Lesson 8: Adjust your attitude.

Remember, we are ourselves sinners saved by grace. The only difference between us and our unsaved relatives is we have accepted the Lord's offer of salvation through Jesus Christ and allowed Him to influence how we should live.

Also, if our relatives are Christians but do not share our convictions about home schooling, family planning, abortion, political action, whether 9/11 was a conspiracy, or whatever, we must remember that God has put certain convictions in our hearts not because we are better than our relatives, but because God is loving and gracious. Having certain convictions does not make us "right" and them "wrong," it just makes our values different from theirs.

Elderly relatives may be particularly skeptical of your beliefs because they have lived long enough to see many newfound "convictions" come and go. We cannot attend a family gathering with a "holier than thou" or a "more enlightened than thou" attitude and expect a hearty welcome.

Lesson 9: Go with a clear conscience.

Are you harboring resentment, unforgiveness, or hatred toward a family member? Do you need to ask forgiveness from an offended relative? Have you ever fully reconciled with your parents? You can't expect your visit to be pleasant if you are guilty of contributing to strained relationships.

Lesson 10: Shoulder your portion of the load.
It’s a lot of work to have other people in your home, even if they are family. So when you go to visit relatives, bring food, bedding or other items necessary to keep them from feeling presumed upon. Plan to assume more than your fair share of the cooking, cleaning, and other work involved in a family gathering (and prepare yourself and the children to work with a good attitude).

Lesson 11: Leave things cleaner than you found them.

A family gathering can generate an astounding amount of garbage, dirty dishes, soiled linens, and clutter. Be sure that you clean up after yourself and your children while you’re there, and don’t leave bags of trash, piles of dirty linens or dishes, unmade beds or any other cleaning up for your family to deal with after you’re gone.

And please, if you have children in diapers, either find a way to dispose of the dirty diapers during your visit (not in the kitchen or bathroom trash cans) or bag them up and haul them off with you when you leave. No one else should ever have to deal with your children’s dirty diapers.

Lesson 12: Thank God that you have a family.

Many people have no relatives to visit, no grandparents for their children, no parents or brothers and sisters who understand a side of them no one else can. Pray for your family. Express your gratitude to them. Become aware of their needs and make an effort to meet them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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