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  E-journal August 30, 2011

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home school marketplace cupcake Blame It On the Cupcake

by Ellyn Davis

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Any mother can tell you that the child who is a little angel in the morning can easily become an out-of-control terror in the late afternoon. There is a reason for this, and it's not just too much sugar!

It's called ego depletion.

That's just a fancy term for the fact that our ability to make good decisions and control our behavior, thoughts, feelings, and impulses wears out over time. More and more research is pointing to the conclusion that we only have a limited amount of energy to navigate life, regulate emotions, make choices, and manage our behavior, thoughts, and emotions. The more we deplete that energy, the more we suffer consequences such as diminished empathy, indecision, low self esteem, susceptibility to sales tactics, and exhaustion.

Here's how it works. Say you are trying to diet. You get up in the morning and you're determined that you are going to eat only what you should, go to the gym and work out, and take a two mile walk with your friend. This is not an impossible goal for you because you've done it many times before. But this particular day the kids are fighting, the dog has had a run-in with a skunk, the washing machine gets stuck on the fill cycle, and you didn't sleep well, plus the day is peppered with interruptions and myriads of little decisions you have to make.

But you know you can handle this. No problem. You are still able to move into your day and get things done. You eat a healthy breakfast, take a walk with your friend while the kids are doing their chores, call the washing machine repairman, quarantine the dog until your husband gets home, and get the kids sorted out and started on their school for the day. So far so good.

Then a neighbor brings over a plate of cupcakes and wants to talk about her latest drama. Mmmm. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Your favorite. But this neighbor always outstays her welcome and you find yourself forcing a smile as you greet her, knowing her visit is going to eat into a large part of your morning.

However, the cupcakes were a nice gesture, so you thank her profusely and try to cut the conversation as short as possible.

She finally leaves and all day long those cupcakes sit on the kitchen counter. You pass them each time you come into the kitchen for something. The kids have most of them with lunch, but there is one left.

The day goes on and now it's 4 in the afternoon. You are tired. So far you've dealt with homeschooling three children, a washer that doesn't work, a dog that stinks, and multiple phone calls and interruptions. As you pass that last remaining cupcake for the 15th time, you decide to sample a little lick of the icing. Oh my gosh! That is the best cream cheese icing you've ever tasted!

You know what happens next. You decide to take a tiny bite. Then another bite. It's the Marshmallow Tests all over again. Then your rationalizing mind kicks in and tells you, "Just go ahead and eat the whole thing and the cupcakes  will all be gone and you won't be tempted anymore."

You do. And then you are angry at yourself. A few minutes later your husband walks in the door and you snap at him. He asks, "What's wrong?" But you don't even know how to answer his question. You're mad at yourself, you're mad at the washing machine, you're mad at the kids, you're mad at the neighbor who dropped off the cupcakes, and now you're mad at him.

Sounds like a serious lack of self-control, doesn't it? Actually, it's a classic case of ego-depletion.

How does ego depletion work?

When we are faced with too many decisions or too many demands for self-regulation (controlling our behavior, thoughts, feelings, and impulses) in a short period of time, our energy to make decisions or regulate ourselves is depleted. Numerous studies have shown that when you execute tasks that demand self control (like being welcoming to your neighbor when you really want to pretend you're not home or like resisting the cupcake 14 times), you are, subsequently, less able to perform other tasks that demand self control.

One study summarizes the concept this way: "Our results suggest that a broad assortment of actions make use of the same resource. Acts of self-control, responsible decision making, and active choice seem to interfere with other such acts that follow soon after. The implication is that some vital resource of the self becomes depleted by such acts of volition. To be sure, we assume that this resource is commonly replenished, although the factors that might hasten or delay the replenishment remain unknown, along with the precise nature of this resource."

In other words, exercising your self-control and decision-making power right now impairs your ability to use self-control and make responsible decisions later. Hence the vanishing cupcake and the snappiness with your husband.

What are the more likely culprits that are depleting your ego and using up your self-control? Studies show these can be most ego depleting: (Also see past newsletters on the effects of distraction.)

1. Coping with extraneous stimulation like loud noises, media overload, things going on in the background while you're trying to concentrate, etc.
2. Having a task interrupted.
3. Monotonous, tedious, time-consuming tasks.
4. Prior conditions of mental, physical, or emotional depletion such as not enough sleep, an emotional upset, previously engaging in a demanding activity, etc.

Hmmm. No wonder you ate that cupcake. And no wonder your children seem to be more out of control in the afternoon than in the morning. It's not actually rebellion or disobedience or lack of self-control, it's ego depletion.

There are serious consequences to ego depletion, including diminished altruism and empathy, lack of forgiveness, susceptibility to sales tactics, lowered self-esteem, impaired logic, losing sight of the big picture, paranoia, and exhaustion.

Let's talk about those next week. We'll also talk about how to replenish yourself and your children.

Until then....


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