I Carved the Angel from the Marble


I Carved the Angel from the Marble is the sequel to the popular book I Saw the Angel in the Marble and it is a compilation of many of THE BEST OF 15 YEARS OF ELIJAH COMPANY  AND HOME SCHOOL MARKETPLACE ARTICLES.

People who held on to their old Elijah Company catalogs for years eventually began asking if they could have all of these articles in one place so they would be easier to find, easier to read and easier to make available to friends. So, in 2004, the first compilation of articles was released–I Saw the Angel in the Marble. This book covers the foundational aspects of home schooling–the attitudes, thinking, and environment that allow you to set your children free to become the individuals God created them to be.

The Elijah Company closed several years ago and plans for a second book of articles were put on hold. But, after years of requests from home schooling families all over the world, a follow-up book to I Saw the Angel in the Marble has been published!

I Carved the Angel from the Marble was compiled from articles that focused on the nuts and bolts of home schooling and the everyday aspects of teaching and learning together.

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P. S. Look for the revised edition of Going Home to School coming soon!

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I am so happy to be able to bring you this new book. I've wanted to create this second compilation of Elijah Company and Home School Marketplace articles for years, and the time has finally come to make it a reality! (And I'm also coming out with a revised and expanded edition of my first book, Going Home to School, so look for that in the next few months.)

I Carved the Angel from the Marble is over 220 pages and takes an deeper look at the different elements that make home schooling a successful adventure in learning.

Chapters cover how to recognize your "angels in the marble" and help set them free; how to get off the "hamster wheel"of activity if you feel overwhelmed and undersupported in your homeschooling efforts; how to develop your own scope and sequence of study for each child; how to teach the major subjects such as language arts, history, math and science in your homeschool; and much, much more!

In a way, this book took over 20 years to write. So savor it. Read it slowly and carefully. Don't let it just take up space on your bookshelf, but let it impart helpful, practical wisdom and advice.

Go ahead and take this opportunity to get your copy of I Carved the Angel from the Marble!

Ellyn Davis