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On June 27 at 9 PM Eastern time (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific) I will be hosting a telephone conference where you can listen to Mauricio Martinez share the seven strategies for taking any business to the million dollar level (or much, much more).

These seven strategies are:
1. Dreaming it —deciding what you want to do.
2. Testing it— checking the market to see if what you want to do is profitable
3. Distinguishing it —determining what makes your business unique so people will buy from you instead of from your competitor
4. Planning it—cost analysis, what resources will be needed at each stage, how you are going to market the business, what your benchmarks will be, etc.
5. Implementing it—creating an action plan
6. Protecting it—taxes, entities, contracts, legal matters
7. Optimizing it—finding all the possible areas of maximizing profit and healthy growth

Mauricio is a home schooling father who understands the challenges and rewards of building a family business. He has been an accountant and tax strategist for many years and shares his strategies at major conventions across the country. He also works closely with a team of others who specialize in different facets of business building from marketing to pricing your product, so he is familiar with all aspects of starting, building, and growing a home-based business.

Mauricio will provide you with logical and objective answers to your questions that will help you understand how to apply his strategies to any business. He will include an emphasis on creaing a family business.

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