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New Book Release
Read a Sample Chapter from I Saw The Angel in the Marble.

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We're also offering the book and companion CD set, "Turning Hearts: 8 Essential Homeschooling Seminars".

Davis Seminar Set
(8 CDs)

The Best of Chris and Ellyn Davis, this set contains seminars given by Chris and Ellyn Davis of The Elijah Company at home schooling conventions. The set contains: How Not to Teach Like the Public Schools (seeking a biblical approach to education); When Mothers Teach Resistant Sons and Daughters (what strains the mother-child relationship); Turning the Hearts of Fathers (why men have moved away from family leadership and how this affects both boys and girls); There is a Bigger Picture (home schooling is part of a total lifestyle); Identity Directed Home Schooling (finding God's destiny for each child and building education around it); Seven Habits of Successful Home Schooling; Charting a Course for High School; and Science in the Homeschool.

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Angel in the Marble & Davis Seminars Set

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WHAT A BLESSING it is to see, in print, the wisdom and wit of our dear friends, Chris and Ellyn Davis.  For years they have been our first stop when we are looking for solid, trustworthy advice on how best to train up our children.  Their timely articles have made a huge difference in our home and in the learning process of our children - now 20, 17, and 14.  The Davis’ heart for the Savior and their willingness to follow Him down the ancient path will impact generations yet to come.

                                                                                                      —Valerie McDaniel
                                                                                                     Homeschooling Mom

HOW EXCITING! You no longer have to wait for Chris and Ellyn Davis to come to your conference. Now you can access their vast amount of experiences and practical advice any time you want. This is destined to be the most often used, dog-eared book on your bookshelf and the one you recommend most often to your friends!

                                                                                             —Cindy Wiggers, Owner
                                                                                                        Geography Matters

CHRIS AND ELLYN DAVIS CAN BE COUNTED ON to snag the genuine article from the overwhelming array of materials spread before bewildered parent educators. Their Elijah Company catalogue has been the ultimate field guide for parents purposed to growing children into adults who follow God-led paths educationally, vocationally and spiritually. For years the Davis’ have generously given seasoned advice and counsel. Now readers can savor the best of their best in this wisdom-filled volume. Bravo and thank you!

                                                                                         —Pam von Gohren, Author
                                                                                             Across the Kitchen Table:
                                                                    Observations About Children and Education
                                                                  Minnesota’s best known homeschooling Mom

of hot tea, grab a pillow, and settle down for a quite evening with Chris and Ellyn Davis. You will find wisdom and comfort tucked between the pages of this book. Be prepared to take your homeschooling to a higher level; be prepared to be blessed.

                                                                                               —Valerie Bendt, Author
                                                                                                       Reading Made Easy
                                                                                                 Unit Studies Made Easy

to finally see all these great articles in one place. The Davis’ philosophy is very similar to my own, and I’m sure most other relaxed home schoolers will be interested in this collection.

                                                                                        —Mary Hood, Ph.D., Author
                                                                                          The Relaxed Home Schooler

WHEN CHRIS AND ELLYN TALK, we listen! When Chris & Ellyn Davis write, we read! God has blessed these two with an incredible amount of wisdom--spiritually, philosophically, and practically. If we’d had a book like this when we began our home education adventure 20 years ago we would have missed numerous pitfalls. If you are just starting or if you need to get a fresh vision for being home with your family, you’ve got to read this book!

                                                                             —Bob and Tina Farewell, Founders
                                                                                               Lifetime Books and Gifts

CHRIS AND ELLYN ARE SOUGHT AFTER speakers and authors who are very dear to my heart. They have been ministering to home schoolers through their Elijah Company for many years. Their catalogs and newsletters have included not only their expert evaluations of excellent books and materials, but also some of the best counseling available. Now they have gathered their most useful articles under one cover. I feel strongly they will be a blessing to both you and future generations.

                                                                                                           —Joyce Herzog
                                                                                          Speaker, Author, Consultant

CHRIS AND ELLYN ARE UNIQUE VOICES of wisdom in the homeschool movement. They’ve “been there, and done that.” Over the years, they have contributed their wisdom at conferences and in their books and catalogs. Their overview of the different curriculum styles is particularly valuable. In a sea of “how-to” books about homeschooling, there are very few “why” books. Chris & Ellyn can help you understand why homeschooling is a great choice for your children - and give you a valuable orientation to what you need to know as you embark on the journey.

                                                                                            —Rob Shearer, Publisher
                                                                                                            Greenleaf Press

CHRIS AND ELLYN CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE the homeschooler’s journey with articles that inspire and motivate. How blessed we are to benefit from their years of experience! Their personal journey brings expertise, wisdom of educational choices and options, and godly advice regarding our families.   Consider I Saw The Angel In The Marble essential to your homeschool library shelf.  

                                                                                                            —Debbie Ward
                                                                                                   Common Sense Press

IT’S ABOUT TIME that Chris and Ellyn put all their wonderful articles into a book. Their catalog has been a wealth of information for new homeschoolers for many years. It has been a must read. Now, it will be even better to be able to have their years of wisdom and encouragement in a book. Thank you Chris and Ellyn for finally doing this.

                                                                                                          —Debbie Mason
                                                                                          Mother of four, ages 15 to 23
                                                                                      22-year homeschooling veteran.
                                                                                   Local & State leader for 17 years.